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Alpha 1 Won't Run!


So, if Alpha 1 won't load, here are a couple of things it could be:
  • The game failed to initialize - the Engine is rather buggy and it is known to on occasion crash at initialization. Usually the given exception is about unable to resize rendertargets.
  • You've deleted some vital bits - almost every content file is essential to the engine, but the especially essential ones are: units.lss,, scripts/*.l, textures/jamie.xnb
  • You don't have everything installed - League has been reported to not work on only the XNA 2.0 redist. The whole game studio is apparently required to run League.
  • Your scripts have logic errors - your scripts may be using undefined unit types, abilities or resources or performing illegal operations which isn't caught by the compiler.
  • Your system locale is wrong - League will NOT work in the Russian locale, and is only confirmed to work on English (United States). Please report any locales on which League does work. Special thanks to looker for finding this problem.
    If you've checked all of these and it still doesn't work, please leave a comment and I'll see if I can help you.