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If you are in need of something to do, here are some things in need of completion. Once they have been completed, please mark them as being completed and move them to the bottom of the list.

To Do
  • Abilities
    • Abilities should be able to require assets
  • Console
    • Write a console (doesn't need to be able to manipulate reflection)
  • Doodads
    • Put support for doodads
  • GUI
    • Abstract the entire GUI system so it may be customized
    • Add a base class to host tooltip functionality so it doesn't need to be hardcoded
  • Models
    • Write animation engine
  • Terrain
    • Rewrite heightmap data on top of cliffs
      • Use the red channel as a basis for height
      • Create a vertex in the middle of the tile at the specified height + cliff
      • If not a cliff tile, connect the central vertices instead of the corners
      • Else connect the central vertex to the corner vertices
    • Rewrite heightmap collision to lerp between heightmap and ramps
    • Draw ramp walls
  • Tools
    • Write a Map Editor
    • Create a GUI editor
    • Create a weapon editor
  • Upgrades / Researches
    • Abstract statistic mechanics from unit types so that upgrades may be applied
    • Implement Researches as asset providing
  • Units
    • Units need to regen HP and energy
  • Weapons
    • Create a Weapons Engine
      • Give weapons to units
      • Provide a priority for each weapon to the unit
        • Units may use different weapons in different situations
      • Move all combat functionality from Units to Weapons

Completed for Alpha 2
  • Minimap
    • Draw camera vision
  • Strings
    • Allow escapes to read from the string table
    • Expose all strings to a central location (no more loading strings from the SLK data)
    • Provide a locale system
  • Terrain
    • Reimplement cliff textures
  • Weapons
    • Create a Weapons Engine
      • Design weapons with their stats / art

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