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Alex "Paamayim" Maguire
Role: Lead Programmer; Project Manager
Age: 17
Project: League Engine
About Me: I'm a freelance programmer from the colder regions of Canada. I've been coding for five years, and have been with XNA from it's inception (from the sidelines). Programming is my day job and school is what I do in my spare time. Not really, but we all can dream, eh?

Jamie "Enstine" Oates
Role: 3D Modeller
Age: 17
Project: Demo Game
About Me: Well, I'm me. I spend a lot of time doing random things involving three dimensions (including the 3d models for League and 3d drafting). I'm no professional, but I'm learning more everyday.

Arlen "hacklessboywonder" Hogarth
Role: Texture Artist
Age: 17
Project: Demo Game
About Me: Arlen spends his time drawing useless things, so Alex got the brilliant idea to give him UV unwraps. Now he spends his time drawing useless things in targas.

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