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Fog of War refers to the concealment of any part of the Map which is not observed by any of a Player's Units. Technically, Fog of War describes areas of the Map which have been explored but are not being watched, although it is used synonymously with the black mask which obscures unexplored areas of the Map.

Technical Aspect
Fog of War is only calculated for the Current Player because the information is required only locally. The Engine looks at all the Units owned by the Current Player and uses their Type's `sight` SLK data to determine a vision circle to draw around them onto a texture. This circle represents what the Unit can see. The texture which has the vision circles of all the Units is passed into the Fog of War pixel shader which redraws the minimap and the regular map, obscuring parts of it which are unexplored. Once this drawing has been done, the white on the texture is turned to gray, indicate that it has been explored but is not being watched. This grayed texture is then drawn upon the next time Fog of War is calculated - providing a persistant state of knowledge about the Terrain. Fog of War is calculated five times a second.

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